James Clarke & Notes

The Second Coming of the Monkey God

I haven’t really been following the buzz surrounding Microsoft’s Zune MP3 player. But I came across a cool teaser advert for it. This is probably the best Zune advert out of all them, well at least it appealed to me the most.

The video was done by Motion Theory and features “The Second Coming of the Monkey God” by Ashtar Command who I had never heard of before. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a full version the song or any other songs by Ashtar Command (apart from those on their MySpace page).Microsoft have recently launched the Zune in the US but according to The Register the player isn’t planned to hit UK shores until late 2007 or early 2008! This is mainly attributed to problems surrounding finding a platform or supplier for the music store element. It seems strange that Microsoft would be willing to conceed another year’s worth of sales to Apple; unless the Zune is a loss leader and Microsoft are counting on music store sales. I would have thought that the iPod and Zune main attraction is as a music player and then the music store compatibility is an added bonus. I wonder how many people with iPods are actually using the iTMS regularly instead of buying CDs or downloading the music illegally? I know I’ve only bought two tracks from the music store and they were purchased using free song voucher codes from Coke bottles.