James Clarke

James Clarke at Zaius

I currently work at Zaius where we are empowering marketers through our B2C CRM platform. Some of my highlights: product and customer focused software engineer, expert in natural language processing and machine learning, opinionated about software development process, scalable data pipelines. I live in the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts.

In my spare time I run Digestif which creates email digests of your recent Flickr photographs for your friends and family but delivered on their schedule. Give it a try by subscribing to my digest.

I can be reached by , Skype and LinkedIn.

Previously I worked on building new products as Director of R&D at Basis Technology, was a researcher in Dan Roth’s Cognitive Computation Group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a PhD student of Mirella Lapata at the University of Edinburgh.