James Clarke & Notes

New Comedy

There are two things you should hunt down on YouTube or other media outlets if you are in the need for some comedy.

Firstly, Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe. The TV adaptation of his Screen Burn column in The Guardian. We must have watched the USA Edition of Screenwipe about five times already and have shown it to anyone that will pay attention. Hopefully we’ll see new series in the near future.

Simon Amstell presenting Never Mind The Buzzcocks. His boyish looks remind me a little of Matt Krishen who we’ve seen a few times during the festival. Amstell has breathed new life into Buzzcocks and taking it beyond The Phil and Bill show. However, future guests of Buzzcocks be warned, Amstell is a harsh and relentless young man.

Also, although not video related. Last week Jon Holmes did a great job presenting Nemone’s usual afternoon show on 6music. I hadn’t heard of Holmes before but he managed to be consistently funny all week. I’ll have to check out his Saturday afternoon show on listen again sometime.